2017 was a record year for Wildside, admitting 1424 wild animals for rehabilitation.  The opossums were the highest in number, over 400 admitted.  Large numbers of songbirds, squirrels and rabbits were also admitted.  There were many unusual animals also; our first North American Porcupine, 2 Golden-crowned Kinglets, our second Snowy Owl and a rare visitor, a Saw-whet Owl.

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As my last post about the beaver habitat noted, Molly and Patrick are enjoying the Paddle Brook Beaver Habitat and Bella remains inside for the winter.  The habitat is beautiful, but the filtering system needs a lot of work which will hopefully take place this spring.  We will need you to help us support this important effort.  Beavers are such an important part of the ecosystem by supporting biodiversity,  increasing habitat for threatened and endangered species, increasing salmon population, creating clean water, etc.

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